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The last comprehensive update of the City of Midland's Master Plan resulted from a public input process in 2006.  This process included "Meetings in a Box", topic workshops, and open houses to inform the community and prepare and develop the goals and objectives that were adopted in 2007.  Since then, the Master Plan has been updated every 2-3 years with the last update occuring in 2018.

As we approach the final stages of our journey, we're excited to share an update on the Midland City Modern Master Plan. Over the past 18 months, our team has diligently worked on drafting a visionary plan for Midland, poised for its final adoption in May or June 2024.

Recognizing the transformative changes in Midland since 2007, our city staff and the City Planning Commission initiated a detailed planning update in early 2021. Midland today stands at the cusp of a new era, shaped by technological innovation, demographic shifts, economic diversification, and evolving social and cultural landscapes. This necessitates a fresh, forward-looking approach to our city's master planning.

The Midland City Modern Master Plan is more than just a document; it's a comprehensive strategy designed to guide our city's growth, development, and revitalization over the next three decades. At its core, this plan is crafted through a synergy of community input and professional expertise, ensuring that our shared vision for Midland's future is both ambitious and achievable.

Why "City Modern"? Midland has long been celebrated as the "City of Modern Explorers", a nod to our rich mid-20th-century modernist heritage in architecture, culture, and design. The City Modern master planning initiative is an invitation for the entire community to redefine what "modern" means for Midland in the 21st century, setting the stage for innovation, exploration, and growth.

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