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The last comprehensive update of the City of Midland's Master Plan resulted from a public input process in 2006.  This process included "Meetings in a Box", topic workshops, and open houses to inform the community and prepare and develop the goals and objectives that were adopted in 2007.  Since then, the Master Plan has been updated every 2-3 years with the last update happening in 2018.

City staff, working with the City Planning Commission, have begun preparations for a comprehensive master planning update to launch in early 2021.  A comprehensive update is necessary for a number of reasons, as Midland is a markedly different city than it was in 2007.  Technological advances, demographic changes, economic diversification, and social and cultural shifts have resulted in a need to chart a new vision for the city.

A master plan provides a comprehensive long-range guide to managing growth, development, redevelopment, and public investments in the community for the next 30 years.  This guide is the strategy that seeks to achieve the vision that is created through community engagement and professional expertise.  The community engagement process that leads to the vision within the plan is as important as the guide itself.  

City Modern is the brand that will be used to market the City's new master planning project.  Why City Modern? To start, Midland is known by its tagline "City of Modern Explorers".  The city has a rich history of mid-twentieth-century modernism in architecture, culture, and design. While mid-twentieth century modernism provided this name, this new comprehensive master planning process provides an opportunity for the community to determine what the modern vision will be for the middle part of the current century. 

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