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Sustainability and Resiliency

It is a universal truth that people want to be prosperous. By extension, we should want our city to be a prosperous city.  If not, the city hinders our ability to prosper. As Michiganders, we are our fair share of cities that have experienced significant challenges which led to declines in prosperity. The reasons for a city's decline are numerous. How does Midland hedge itself from declines in prosperity? We focus on sustainability and resiliency (the ability to withstand and quickly recover).  Sustainability and Resiliency are terms that get used a lot these days. The terms may have different connotations depending on whom you talk to.  For the purpose of the Midland City Modern Master Plan, we view these two areas in the following ways.

  • Financial Stewardship

  • Environmental Stewardship

  • Municipal Resiliency


Urban3 recently completed an analysis that measured the economically productive capacity of individual properties throughout the City of Midland based on taxable value per acre and other financial considerations.  As a local government that relies heavily on local tax rates to fund many of our services, this analysis is helpful to understand how balanced the City’s model is when considering the current development of land and how to move towards more sustainable and resilient methods of development.  


The recording of the final presentation can be viewed here.

The final report can be viewed here.

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